Hello, hello!

Thank you SO much for stopping by + showing interest in my work! My name is Alyssa - I am the owner/photographer at Alyssa Martin Photography. My love for what I do grows with each new person/family I meet and story I get to tell. Fun, comfortable & happy is what I like to bring to our session. I want to capture moments you will cherish for a lifetime!!


A little about me:

I am a Wife & Mommy first. My son Jaxton is almost two years old and we have another baby boy on the way! I've been outnumbered to say the least! In our spare time we enjoy just hanging out at home or going out and seeing all things Austin. My husband is a chef so it goes without saying that we LOVE to eat/try new restaurants! My love for photography first started in 2010 however, my professional career didn't start until July of 2017. I always hoped to be a full time photographer but never really thought it would become a reality...until my son was born. When he arrived it was clear what I wanted to do with my life -- staying home with him and being my own boss are goals were goals I HAD achieve. It certainly hasn't been an easy, stress-free journey, but I wouldn't do anything at all differently! I can't say enough how thankful I am to the people who trust me to photograph their lives. You make this small business and dream happen!!!


There's so much more I could tell you about all the little things that make me, me but I'll leave it simple and hope we can get to know each other more from working together! 


I would love to meet you!!!

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