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I am so happy you found my work! My name is Alyssa - I am the owner/photographer at Alyssa Martin Photography. Before I am a photographer; I am a wife, a mother, a sister, and a friend. Family is everything to me and genuinely what I live for. 


Photography started for me in 2010 as a "just for fun" type of thing and I did this on and off for 7 years while I kept my 9-5 job to essentially pay the bills. In 2017, after my oldest son was born, I came to a road where I could dive in head first in becoming a full time small photography business owner that gets to be a stay at home Momma to her precious new baby OR go back to my optician job and place my baby in daycare. The decision was hard. Terrifying! I wasn't sure we could sustain a way of life off of just me taking photos. BUT. I worked my butt off and refused to go down without a fight. So, the journey began. Borger, Texas is where both my husband and I are from, then after we married in 2015 we moved to Midland, Texas -- this is where Alyssa Martin Photography REALLY started and bloomed. After three years of living in Midland, we moved to Austin. Now this, this was an even more terrifying journey. I KNEW NO ONE. How could I possibly start a business, one that I already established so well in another city and uproot it in completely new territory with some of the best photographers around?! Well, I worked my tush off AGAIN and made it happen. After a year of living here in Austin, growing and building, my Momma passed away. I was 5 weeks PP with my youngest son and as you can imagine, full of emotions. New life and a death.. so much bittersweetness.  The grief changed me. Some days not for the best but overall it made me fight. It made me and my storytelling better. Capturing the details of a family or a wedding in an unforgettable way was amplified. Giving people galleries of  those moments where time stood still were now my ultimate goal. Capturing the love and the connection families have become so much more important to me. The babies ever growing and wanting to give clients those snuggles and little features that are fleeting --That is what I wanted my photos to show and make people feel.


Fast forward to today -- I am now a Momma to two little boys, both of which I stay home with full time and continue to grow my small business. I've even gone so far as to open an indoor studio in my home! Never in a million years would I have thought this small town girl would be getting to do what she loves with a family she built from the ground up. It is not easy (believe me when I say there is so much more that goes into being a small business owner/photographer) but I am thankful for every bit of this beautiful journey. And the beautiful people who have helped me get here. 

THANK YOU so much for reading in on a few chapters of my book, I hope we can meet in person to connect & capture what you love most. 



My Family

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My Mommy


My baby boys